Text for Money


Did you ever think Text Messages can pay your bills? Well, here comes another legitimate ways to make money.

Text4Money is a program where unique information about sales, discounts and promotions are sent directly to the member's cell phone. The member is paid for every message received as well as the messages that are sent to the member's friends that join Text4Money. Members continue to get paid for text messages sent to everyone he refers to the site and the friends of the friends that are referred, and so on.

Make hundreds of dollars every month simply by receiving text messages to your cell phone!

How It Works

Members of the site get 5 cents for every text message that is sent to them

It is recommended to refer friends since every message that a friend under you receive your account balance will grow with a penny.

The More Friends You Refer, The More Money You Will Make.

Your "network" will consist of your friends' friends and the friends of their friends. (The network can only go to 4 levels) Your account will be credited a penny for every message sent to each one of your network friends.

For Instance: If you refer 6 friends that each refer 6 friends, and so on... you will develop a "network" of 1554 friends under you after 4 levels. You will receive a penny for every message that each of your 1554 friends receive. In this case, every message to your entire network will amount to $15.54.

If 4 promotion text messages a day are sent to your whole network for a month, you will make $1864.80- 
quite an honorable paycheck. That's enough to cover your expensive cell phone bill and still have much more left for shopping! (That is a calculation assuming you get 6 people and your friends got 6 that got 6, etc...)

Well, instead of leaving your cell phone idle or spending your balance by chatting long hours with your friends, why not subscribe and cash out from your cell phone. After all it won't cost you anything. In my opinion, just delete it after you receive such text messages, if you don't like it. Ideally, you are getting paid, nevertheless, for that short span of time your cell phone accomodates that message.

Text4Money would pay you monthly via a number of payment options. Check out with your My Account page.