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By this time you all must be loving to blog and make money out of it. Well, I am here to make your search for true and legitimate companies a lot easier. Thats because I do all the hard work to hand-pick the most trusted sites online and present it to you all. And I love doing that! If you all like me and support me in doing what I do best, then please subscribe to my feed to stay updated.

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Today I reveal to all of you, yet another trusted and preferred site by all the bloggers to make money. Sponsored Reviews, as the name is self-explanatory pays you to write your honest reviews for their advertisers and post it to your blog. The look of the site is very professional and provides easy navigation to all information required by bloggers and their FAQ.

In my opinion, Sponsored Reviews is one of the top sites online in its segment, that is paid blogging. I, personally love writing paid reviews. To me, its cold hard cash in shortest possible time. On weekends, I just get online to my PC and write a quick 4-5 reviews for different Paid to Review sites and schedule those posts throughout the week. So that next week the payment is delivered to my Paypal account and....... there I go for a shopping spree.........yippieeee !

Sponsored Reviews operates the same way as any other paid blogging site. Your blog eligibility criterias are quite same, i.e., 3 months old with 20-30 posts with no objectionable content. Again, the best part is, they pay you every 2 weeks instantly via Paypal.

At the time of submitting your blog for review, I was shocked to see that their software works amazingly. That is, it detects instantly whether your blog is acceptable in their system or not. This speaks for the kind of infrastructure, man and machine they have to stay in business.

My advice is give it a shot to this site. I bet, you won't regret.