Smorty means $$$

Hi buddies!

Well, Smorty needs no introduction, I guess. In my opinion, its one of those big bulls of the paid to review industry on whom we, as paid bloggers, bet on. Great payout, lovely track record, excellent support to its bloggers and advertisers, huge opportunities in its marketplace for the bloggers to find a relevant topic to post on their blog, and last but not the least, a timely payout through its legitimate ways to make money.

Well, Smorty has a lot of earning channels. Lets start with paid reviews. As usual, an honest opinion about the advertiser's products/services on your blog will earn big dollars. Where the minimum is $6 and the maximum could be somewhere around, a mouth-watering $100. Hey! I can see a spark in your eyes..........Hmmmmm

You can submit upto 10 blogs and leverage your income potential. Smorty pays you on the basis of good pagerank of your blog. So work upon it before you submit your blog to Smorty. Like all other big bulls, it pays you WEEKLY. Payment is done securely via Paypal. So rejoice!

Additionally, Smorty also offers earning options through pay-per-click advertising in your posts, where you get paid for every click on the links in your post. It also offers Digxa Mini store, a contextual form of product advertising. Last but not the least, it also has a Post Exchange facility where you can exchange posts and link to other bloggers in Smorty network absolutely free. For every link from your site to a blog in their network, you earn a backlink. This brings you free traffic and most importantly increases your Pagerank.

Keep blogging all the way!