GpTreasure = $$


Yet, another treasure for all you online treasure seekers. GpTreasure is yet another paid to sign up program, a very reliable payer to its members, amongst all other ways to make money online.

Apart from all those promises that other paid to sign up programs offer, this one also accepts International members and pays its members through numerous options. So, if you looked for payment processors other than Paypal, then this one's for you.

There are a few advantages that GpTreasure offers:

- No minimum payout !!

- Payments are sent between 24 to 48 hours !!

- Payments are sent through MoneyBookers / AlertPay / PayPal / E-gold / ePassporte / LibertyReserve / CherryCredits

- ALL International members are welcome !!

- No fees for PayPal! When we send you PayPal funds - PayPal won't take you a fee for receiving the funds from them

From the moment you complete the offer it takes 24-48 hours to get paid! You don't need to wait 24-48 hours for approval and then wait more to get paid! That's correct - unlike many other websites they pay you in 24-48 hours FROM THE MOMENT of the completion of the offer!

Above all there are offers which do not require your credit card to participate. You won't find such "easy offers" available online. However, if you go for some offers that ask for your credit card details, then definitely you get paid a bigger commission.

The offers are divided in two segments. For "U.S. members" and for "International members". So, you can easily navigate to your respective offers. Their revenue sharing policy is also lucrative. They share somewhere around 20% to 75% of the revenue received by their advertisers, which I believe is quite competitive.

No catch!