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Though, surveys are not my piece of cake. Since, it takes a lot of time to get a paycheck from survey companies directly. Because, not always you'll find a survey in your mail box. May be after registering for six months you'll come across a survey and that too of a low value.

But, why I recommend Survey Pro is that it's not a survey company. It is a kind of referral company that rewards you with a $10 cash instantly just to register with the survey companies through their referral id. In my opinion, its not a bad deal. Just a few clicks for 1 hr and if I get rewarded with $10 , then I am game for it. Think this way, if you join a paid to read emails program, that reward you with just 1 cent for each click then it would take you some 1000 clicks and 6 months time to accumulate such an amount. And trust me who on Earth would not like to get rewarded in cash instantly.

At least, I don't let go such opportunities.