FusionCash = $$

Hi cash lovers!

Yet another paid to sign up program, known for its reliability to pay its members on time, amongst other ways to make money online.. Yes, its called Fusion Cash. It is no different from any other paid to sign up programs available online. What I found interesting on this site is that they claim to have paid $1,565,334.41 in rewards (an average of $74.42 per person). Over one million members have joined since they opened in June 2005.

Fusion Cash pays you to take surveys, enter contests, request free samples, and more! You can get a payment from FusionCash without ever using a credit card or spending a dime. Their advertisers know that savvy customers want to get paid for their time. It's really that easy. What have you got to lose?

Now the payment part.
They pay out, on or before 20th of the month after you cashout. That is, if you cashout any time this month, you'll be paid on or around next month 20th. The minimum balance for cashing out is $25. At least $15 of your balance must come from completed offers. They currently offer payments through: PayPal, Direct Deposit, and Check. No matter which method you choose, there are no fees or costs.

They also give away $5 sign up bonus during first time registrations. Perhaps, the referral system is even more lucrative. Refer your friends and earn more.

Their referral bonus system is very simple:

  • Refer a friend who confirms his/her email address: $1 bonus
  • Your friend completes his/her first offer: $2 bonus
  • Your friend cashes out: $5 bonus (each and every time they cashout - for life)
The only drawback, I consider, is that they are open only to U.S. residents. Hope, Fusion Cash would open up for international members also someday.