Best Paid to Review site

Hi !!!!!!!

Yes, when I say best paid review site, I mean it. There's certainly some reason behind saying that thing. The site I am talking about is Blogitive which offers blogging ways to make money, literally.

Let me describe it in detail and what it offers. Eventually, you'll understand why I say its the best. Like all other paid to review sites in the blogging arena, Blogitive offers you same prospects to write paid posts on your blog and pays you handsomely for that. And offers you every other thing that a paid to review site promises.

But, above all, the best part is, it pays you WEEKLY. Yes! you heard it right. Write a post, submit it and get paid every Friday via Paypal. Now hows dat!

The minimum you can earn from a post is $5. However, the rates vary according to the advertisers. It could range anywhere between $5 to $50 per post.

Amazing, isn't it? In fact, I had been browsing internet all this while and was looking for such a site that could fulfill my wish of getting paid weekly with no gimmicks and no strings attached.

Now, that doesn't make Blogitive a small player, mind it! Blogitive is online since a long time and had been a trusted and preferred site amongst millions of bloggers, simply because it pays weekly. Timely and instant payments with a wide range of opportunities to post regularly is what Blogitive all about.

The requirements of your blog is the same as with any other paid to review site. The main criterias being a 3 months old blog with a minimum of 3 postings per week with no porn, hatred or objectionable content. Additionally, your blog must be indexed on Google search engine.

So keep blogging and Happy money making.