Post with Crazoo = $$


It might not be one of the biggest thing on internet. But, Crazoo is there for all of us who would love to get paid, to post in forums.

With paid to post in forums, you definitely cannot get rich...........Sighhhh!

But, it can give you enough to pay your broadband bills. After all, small drops of money from all over internet will contribute towards an ocean of wealth at the end of each month....... dude! I sound so much philosophical............he....he........he....

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Now get back to Crazoo. Forum is somewhere you can keep the discussion alive on various topics by discussing it with others. You are supposed to present you view and your opinion in short 1-2 lines.

They pay you for each topic and each post you make. The current rates are:

$0.02 for each new thread (topic)

$0.015 per new post

$0.002 per referral post

So, you also earn if your referrals post. Although, there is a limitation and only first 20 posts of each day will be credited to your account. Minimum payout currently is $10 with several payout options like Paypal, Stormpay and Check.

The money is truly very less, but let me remind you once again to read my blog entry "How to multiply Paid to Post Earnings 10 times", which will help you multiply your paid to post earnings 10 times of what sites like Crazoo offer.